Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Meeting with Mr.HS.Dillon and Mr.Sudjana Royat

Yesterday and today, IYF 2008's organizing team (Apep, Arif and Wazeen) has been meeting with some prominent persons in Indonesia, they're Mr.HS.Dillon (former Executive Director of Partnership) and Mr.Sudjana Royat (The 7th Deputy of Welfare Ministry in Indonesia).

They're very enthusiastic to hear from us about the upcoming IYF in 2008, they said that youth should have more commitments and make this kind of program as priority, because the role of youth is very significant for every country's future. And also Mr.Sudjana Royat from the Ministry of Welfare Affair said one interesting thing, that this kind of forum should involve more youth, and not to make this kind of forum only for the ceremonial things, moreover he also said that the most important thing from this forum is the result of it, beside of that he raised an idea to create a kind of MDGs' village after the program as well, and he also said that the Ministry of Welfare Affair will commit to support this program. Thank you Pak :)

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