Monday, July 14, 2008

International Youth Forum 2008 Delegates

The IYF 2008 attended by 109 delegates from 32 countries. They are:
No Nationality Name Sex
1 Australian Adam Levinson Male
2 Australian Linda Needham Female
3 Azerbaijan Tuayev Maksud Soslanbek Oglu Male
4 Bangladesh Dr. Md. Rasel Ahmed Chowdhury Male
5 British (UK) Damo Abdurrahman Female
6 Brunei Darussalam Rasyidah Binti Haji Samah Female
7 Cambodia Nhem Bora Male
8 Cambodia Loun Synath Female
9 Cambodia Samora Male
10 Cambodia Bun Boroith Male
11 Colombia Christian Acuna M Male
12 Colombia Laura Soto Von Arnim Female
13 Cameroon Charles Roger Mbouti Male
14 Denmark Caecilie Peitzsch Female
15 Fiji Raijieli Nabaku Bakewa Female
16 Philippines Annalie T. Edday Female
17 Philippines Casal L Male
18 Philippines Israel Jason R Vinta Male
19 Philippines Karen P Ganancial Female
20 Philippines Ma. Bernadethe Garcia Luminario Female
21 Philippines Maria Cecilia Estoque Female
22 Philippines Riza Joy R C Male
23 Philippines Rupert Jason E. Musni Male
24 Hungary András Csörgits Male
25 India Preeti Sharma Female
26 Indonesia Afif Fauzi Male
27 Indonesia Ahmad Hasbullah Male
28 Indonesia Akhwan Jaya Saputra Male
29 Indonesia Alfa Haga Rachmady Male
30 Indonesia Alqaan Maqbullah Ilmi Male
31 Indonesia Amelia Rhea Josephine Purba Female
32 Indonesia Arif Supam Wijaya Male
33 Indonesia Aris Palebangan Male
34 Indonesia Ari Yuda Male
35 Indonesia Bhawika Hikmat Prasetya Male
36 Indonesia Desy Female
37 Indonesia Fajar Firdaus Male
38 Indonesia Fajri Muslim Male
39 Indonesia Febrian Kayupa Male
40 Indonesia Gunawan Male
41 Indonesia Hadiki Habib Female
42 Indonesia Irwan Ferdiansyah Female
43 Indonesia Irwan Iskandar Female
44 Indonesia Izki Aldrin Iswarna Male
45 Indonesia Junaidi Male
46 Indonesia Juraisa Rahma Fajri Male
47 Indonesia Lutfi Jatmika Male
48 Indonesia Muhammad Assad Male
49 Indonesia Mulkillah Male
50 Indonesia M. Leo Falli Male
51 Indonesia Nasrullah Male
52 Indonesia Nawaf Abdullah Female
53 Indonesia Qurratul Aini Female
54 Indonesia Rahelda Rumambi Female
55 Indonesia Renata S Sadjad Female
56 Indonesia Said Fadhlun Rizky Male
57 Indonesia Salsabila Firdausia Female
58 Indonesia Satia Prihatni Zen Female
59 Indonesia Sertona Rijoly Male
60 Indonesia Silviana Female
61 Indonesia Silvia Rahmawati Female
62 Indonesia Sisca Nasastra Gafri Female
63 Indonesia Susan Sa'adah Female
64 Indonesia Suwarti Ningsih Kamondo Female
65 Indonesia Tubagus Ari Bagus Male
66 Indonesia Tuty Alawiyah Female
67 Indonesia Zestadianna Adzel Female
68 Indonesia Zulmy Ikhsan Wiharsya Male
69 Kenya Elijah Ogolla Ochoko Male
70 Kenya Odhiambo Meshack Otedo Male
71 Laos Chantana Sengthong Female
72 Malaysia Bakhitiar Effendy bin Rahmat Male
73 Malaysia Muhammad Haniff bin Abdullah Male
74 Malawi Chimwemwe Bright Nyirongo Male
75 Mexico Jose Ivan Castellanos Najera Male
76 Myanmar
77 Myanmar
78 Myanmar
79 Myanmar
80 Myanmar
81 Myanmar
82 Pakistan Bilal Masood Male
83 Palestine Shehab A. A. Zahda Male
84 Rwandan Kabanda Rugwiro Rene Theophille Male
85 Sri Lanka G.G. Chandima Janith Gihara Male
86 Sri Lanka Joseph Suresh Chaminda Kumar Male
87 Sri Lanka L K Pio Thusitha Peiris Male
88 Sri Lanka Upadasage Suresh Kumara Male
89 Sri Lanka Vasanthamohan Vijanth Rijoy Male
90 Sri Lanka Vethanayagam Venches Male
91 Sudan Jerkuei Marek Anyuon Male
92 Thailand Yanisa Paopiamsap Female
93 Timor Leste Elsa Joaquina Araujo Pinto Female
94 Timor Leste Oscar da Costa Beram Araujo Male
95 Vietnam Bui Dai Phuoc Male
96 Vietnam Ha Thuy Dien Female
97 Vietnam Nguyen Ngoc Hung Male
98 Vietnam Nguyen Tuan Anh Male
99 Vietnam Pham Thuy Dan Thanh Female
100 Suriname Dhiradj Soekai Male
101 Suriname Guillermo Sedjo Male
102 Suriname Ilahi Rafiq Male
103 Nigeria Adewuyi Olunaponmile P Female
104 Nigeria Oligie Stephanie Ehin Wenma Female
105 Nigeria Akpavan Dauda Solomon Male
106 Nigeria Ovuakporie Anthony Oghenemakpo Male
107 Nigeria Hadi Muhammad dansumaila Male
108 Nigeria Matori Abubakar Salisu Male
109 Nigeria Udeani Michael Chinedu Male

Friday, April 18, 2008

Program Sessions

1. Reflection and Quiet Time
a session at the start of each day to inspire participants and reflect on issues relevant to the conference themes. The usual format involves a short presentation, followed by a period of silence to reflect on the theme(s) discussed. There is also an opportunity for sharing any new insights.

2. Plenary Sessions
A talk show plenary sessions will have a theme for each day. Each session will involve a panel of speakers expressing their perspectives and life experiences.

Session I

Toward a Peaceful World Sustainability

- What is a Peaceful World?

- Dialogue Among Civilizations for Peace

- Future of Peace Building Movement

- Youth and Peace Movement

Session II

Toward the Millennium Development Goals

- World Challenges and Current Achievement of MDGs

- World Youth Movement on MDGs

Session III:

Strengthening Youth As the Agent of Change

- Youth Empowerment in the New Millennium

- Youth Entrepreneurship

- Searching for a Common Ground: Strengthening Youth to Build a Global Action

- Creating Youth Alliances as Peace Makers

3. Family Group

Time each day is spent in small groups of around 10 people, where each individual is invited to share his/her life story. It is an opportunity to deepen relationships and build mutual trust amongst participants.

4. Focus Group Discussion

In focus group discussion, participants will discuss and priorities issues of concern from 3 sessions before for renewed and fresh youth concern drawing together the common threads of the conceptual framework expressed in the workshop, City Tour, Live-In Program, social action, and working group discussion.

Participants will meet in sub-regional groups that may be further sub-divided base on geographical location and context, and also base on topic from organizing committee: Youth and Peace; Youth and MDG’s Challenge; Youth as Agent of Change.

The result of focus group discussion will be important for the formulation of the Strategic, Action after program, and Declaration of International Youth Forum.

5. Cultural Night
Each country represented at the conference will be offered an opportunity to share their history, culture and customs. The intention is to build greater understanding of the diversity of this region, and respect for each others traditions and history.

6. Workshop

Workshop will give us time to reflect for issue that we receive in session, and deliberate on selected issues and concern within divers realties of our region, social relevance, responsiveness, and institutional viability. They will be the impetus for all as good global citizen to move forward in fresh ways towards engagements that will transform communities for sustainability and abundant life. Participants will able to choose to participate in two workshop of their choice.

Many of facilitator will be colleague and friends who are delegates themselves with practical experience in related topics to bring forth ideas for our vision of our future work.

List of Worshops:

Workshop (I)

Peace: Multicultural, local wisdom, peace building

Youth’s Role and Movement: The role of youth in public policy, ethic and youth leadership, youth as the agent of change.

Workshop (II)

MDGs: Poverty, Health, HIV-AIDS & Drug Abuse, Education, Environment, Global Partnership, Maternal Health, Gender Equality

This session will be held on June 26, 2008

7. International Youth Day Exhibition

This exhibition will be the further opportunity for sharing and learning together how NGO and Youth Organization have been doing their mission, and contributing towards social transformation.

The exhibition will also serve as resource/ information points of best practices and models that may be replicated. Participants are encourage to reflect on, and learn from these case stories of actions, exchange information and concerns, as well as to explore possibilities for similar actions.

This session will be held on June 26, 2008

8. Exposure Visit

This session will be held on June 27, 2008

9. Live-in Program and Action Projects Program

Live with community 1 (one) night in addressing social issues, youth, the environment, religion, education, etc. will show us the social challenge for youth. The exposure have been carefully selected to bring us closer to the people, their lives, their struggle; to the earth and nature to” hear” their groans amidst the pain and destruction inflicted on them; and to experience the beauty and joy of God’s creation and hope for the future.

This program is an opportunity for people to people dialogue. It can be learning platform into inner issues, the hidden issues impacting the community. In other words, this exposure may taken as an effort to see what has laid open… hence community exposure can be taken to be an effort to see the realities as they are openly laid open for participants to see and experience.

By experiencing live with community 1 (one) night we hope create further interaction, or exchange stories can change attitudes and mindset not only of us, the “guest”, but also the “host” in community.

Live-in and social action place:

1. Pesantren Darul Arqam Muhammadiyah

2. Al-Musaddadiyah School

3. Kel. Sukajaya, Kec. Tarogong Kidul Communities

4. Kel. Sukaratu, Kp. Kaum Rendeng Communities

5. Pesantren Persis & Silk Makers at Rancabogo

6. Kel. Sukaratu Kp. Sompok

7. Handicraft Makers at Sukaregang

8. Traditional Tea Industry at Cilawu

9. Sheep Ranch at Situ Bagendit

10. Handicraft Makers at Samarang

This sessions will be held on June 28-29, 2008